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dejicons's Journal

dejikowaffo's graphics
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dejikowaffo's icons and graphics journal.

This is dejikowaffo 's icons and graphics journal.

Feel free to join the community to watch for icons, graphics, and other art for your journals.

♥ ♥ RULES ♥ ♥

1. USE CREDIT! Please make sure you use the dejicons credit in your icon comments, but without the spaces when you use our icons. (Do leave the space between lj and user, though.)

2. DO NOT redistribute, claim as your own, or repost in other places. NO ALTERING UNLESS ICONS ARE MARKED AS BASES.

3. NO ALTERING OR MODIYFING. Unless it's specifically marked as a base, it's not allowed to be altered or modified in any way.

4. DO NOT claim my work as your own, post other places, etc.

5. Please, comment if you're taking. ♥

Thank you, and enjoy.